Esplendor Plaza Francia is enchanted by art. You will find a unique art piece at every corner. The lobby holds an awe-inspiring piece by Matías Duville, an Argentine artist born in 1974, called "Sustancia", made on a 4.5 x 2.2 m paper and painted with graphite.

The hotel's entrance features the art piece "Noche escocesa con chaquiras", by artist Miguel Pombo, and the hallway leading to the breakfast room exhibits an impressive work by Nicolás Constantino, an artist from Rosario born in 1964. Constantino makes attractive sculptures, installations, videos, and photographs that disrupt perception and stir immediate physical responses.

In the hotel's gym, on the first floor, there is an incredible artwork by Ana Eckell, called "La Cocina 1985". Eckell was born in Buenos Aires in 1947, and her work is shown in the best museums of the City of Buenos Aires, and also in some of the world's most relevant museums.

The hotel's rooms feature artworks by Lobo Velar de Irigoyen (Buenos Aires, 1978). This man started his artistic journey as a photographer when he was 20, with a constant quest for aesthetic languages based on experimenting and intervening his photographs. He cultured his technical background by assisting many renowned photographers, and defined his personal style through collages, using 35 mm films, laid out and organized to favor a new and personal reality. Velar surveyed tree species around the hotel's area, took photographs of them and made the collages so that they would speak of the hotel's location and context, highlighting the Recoleta neighborhood's flora, in order to convey the idea of finding nature inside an urban hotel.

The hotel's hallways are decorated with images by artist Luis Tomasello, with phrases by Cortázar. In the hotel's top floor, right before the entrance to the exclusive VIP Suite, there is an art piece by Francisco Bedoya called "Serie Jeropa 1985".